Updated: December 2021

Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) is an umbrella body for all Muslim Health workers in Nigeria. Its inception can be traced back to a group of Muslim health workers who participated in the 1988 Hajj operation in Makka, Saudi Arabia. The primary goal of IMAN is to foster unity among Muslim healthcare professionals in Nigeria and provide selfless services to humanity, guided by the fear of Allah (SWT). As a member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA), IMAN also connects with Muslim health workers on an international level.

Established in 1989, IMAN operates as an Islamic, professional, independent, charitable, and non-political entity. It officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on July 15, 1994, under the registration number “RC NO: 7926”.

Our Objectives

To bring into closer union, all Nigerian Medical/Health professionals and workers.

To promote a better understanding and appreciation of Islam and of health care within the framework of Islam.

To constantly remind health care professionals and educate them on Islamic values, ideas, thoughts, habits, and ethics …

To promote professionals and non-professionals contact at all levels through activities such as meetings, seminars, lectures, …

To promote the interests and rights of all Nigerian Muslim Medical/Health professionals and other allied workers …

Membership Categories


Any Muslim healthcare professional or allied worker in the health facilities who subscribes to the spirit of the preamble and abides by the aims and objectives of the Association.


Any Muslim undergraduate student in the medical or health sciences, who subscribes to the spirit of the preamble and abides by the aims and objectives of the Association.


Any other Muslim person approved by the council who subscribes to the spirit of the preamble and abides by the aims and objectives of the Association.


Honorary membership may be bestowed on any Muslim, who has rendered services to the medical and health profession as may be approved by the National Executive committee.


Any Muslim health care professional residing outside the borders of Nigeria and who subscribes to the spirit of the preambles and abides by the aims and objectives of the Association.

History of the establishment of IMAN at the National level

The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) was born on 1st August 1988 when the founding fathers held the first preterm meeting at Doctor`s Resident in Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when they participated in that year`s Hajj operation. Participants at that meeting are:
1. Professor A. F. B. Mabadeje – Chairman
2. Dr. Y. Garba – Member
3. Dr. Idris Garba – Member
4. Dr. K. Qadri – Member
5. Dr. J. Yusuf – Sanda – Member
6. Dr. L. Ibrahim – Member
7. Dr. I. Abdu-Aguye – Secretary (see minutes of below)

Upon returning to Nigeria this mission was sustained and so many other like-minded Muslim health professionals were mobilized towards establishing the National body of the Organization.

The founding fathers of IMAN visited almost all the state capitals in Nigeria sensitizing the Muslim Health workers to participate in IMAN. The initial effort to register IMAN as a corporate body was faced with so many challenges ranging from government to non-governmental bodies.

Despite all the challenges registration of IMAN commenced in February 1989 with application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the release of public notice regarding the registration in the then three (3) National daily newspapers.

Six (6) people were selected to serve as trustees of the Organization and hence were presented for the formal registration as follows:

1. Professor Abdul Fatah Biola Mabadeje – Chairman
2. Dr. Abdul Mumini Attah – Member
3. Dr. Mashood Babatunde Ademuyiwa – Member
4. Dr. Amadi Rimi – Member
5. Dr. Yakubu Garba – Member
6. Dr. Ibrahim Abdu-Aguye – Secretary

This group of officials worked tirelessly to ensure the acceptance and spread of IMAN across the whole states in Nigeria. On 25th of August 1991, IMAN conveyed a congress meeting in Maiduguri of Borno state to adopt a clause as part of the requirements for final registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

This was attended by thirty (30) participants from various state of the federation as shown in the attendance record as follows:

1. Prof. A. F. B. Mabadeje – Lagos – Chairman
2. Dr. Y. Garba – Kano
3. Dr. A. J. Attah – Kaduna
4. Alh. M B Maidala – Maiduguri
5. Dr. M. G Halilu – Kaduna
6. Hajiya F S Yakubu – Maiduguri
7. Mr. A. R M Momodu – Ilorin
8. Hajiya W Giwa – Maiduguri
9. Dr. L. Y Gana – Maiduguri
10. Prof. Umaru Shehu – Maiduguri
11. Dr. L. A. Bichi – Kano
12. Dr. AbdulGaniyu Rahman – Ibadan
13. Dr. A. Kuranga – Ilorin
14. Mr. M. O. Giwa – Ibadan
15. Mallam M. B. Kawuwa – Zaria
16. Dr. K. K. Abolude – Iwo
17. Dr. A. S. Yusuf – Katsina
18. Dr. A. J. Kwanashie – Abuja
19. Dr. M. Ibrahim – Sokoto
20. Alhaji A. Idris – Sokoto
21. Dr. I. Halid – Minna
22. Mr. S. Abolarinwa – Lokoja
23. Dr. Moh Ahmad – Jos
24. Dr. M. Shugaba – Jos
25. Hajiya Raliya Usman – Okene
26. Dr. G. Dagauda – Bauchi
27. Dr. S. Maisaka – Lafiya
28. Mrs. J. E. Dodo – Yola
29. Dr. A. Njida – Jos
30. Dr. I. Abdu-Aguye – Zaria – Secretary

Rolls of Past Presidents

1. Foundation President: Professor Abdul Fatah Biola Mabadeje
1st August 1988 – December 2003

2. Second President: Professor Ibrahim Abdu Aguye
December 2003 – July 2007

3. Third President: Late Dr. Ibrahim Babaminin Sule
July 2007 – July 2014

4. Fourth President: Dr. Salisu Isma`il
July 2014 – December 2020

Aims and Objectives

IMAN as an organization has the following Aims and Objectives:
• To create unity among Muslim Medical/Health professionals in Nigeria.
• To enhance a better understanding of health care within the framework of Islam.
• To improve Islamic awareness/knowledge of Muslim health professionals.
• To Introduce Islamic values within health care education, especially inpatient care.
• To promote research and publication in the field of Islamic Medical ethics and other relevant medical issues.
• To educate the general public “Ummah” on Health-related issues.
• To develop the potential of students in secondary schools as well as higher institutions.
• Partnership with other organizations nationally and internationally with similar objectives.


Activities of the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) span across the following:
• Lectures, symposia and workshops aiming at improving religious and health knowledge/awareness of health professionals and the general public respectively.
• Regular assistance to indigent patients.
• General and specialized free medical and surgical camps
• Emergency medical and other general relief services to people in need.
• Annual scientific conference/Annual General Meeting.
• Free Medical support services to intending pilgrims at various Hajj Camps.
• Mosque Ta’limat(teachings) with the intention of educating members.
• Career guidance/counseling visitations to secondary schools and health institutions
• Organizing discussions fora with Islamic scholars to address some sensitive health issues with the aim of providing Islamic standpoint.
• Regular Health Campaigns to create health awareness with aim of combating or controlling some ailments.
• Partnering with other organizations in rural Da’awah programs, or provision of clinics during their functions.

Administrative Structure of IMAN

IMAN has a National body which is the main coordinating body, State branches, and local chapters.

Standing committees

In order to enable achieving its aims and objectives, IMAN has the following standing committees:

1. Da’wah Committee
2. Editorial Committee
3. Welfare Committee
4. Business Committee
5. Scientific Committee
6. Conference Planning Committee
7. Sisters forum

Membership Structure

This is classified as follows:
1. Ordinary
2. Associate
3. Honorary
4. Overseas

Ordinary members
– Medical doctors
– Nurses
– Pharmacist/Pharmacist Technicians
– Lab. Scientist/Lab. Technicians
– Physiotherapist
– Radiographers
– Health Information managers
– Community Health workers
– Medical social workers
– Biomedical engineers
– Hospital administrators

Associate Members
These comprise of Muslims in other sectors (administration, finance e.t.c.) that abide by the aims and objectives of the association, and are recommended by IMAN administration.

Students’ Members
These are of Muslim Students in Nigerian Health institutions.

Honorary Membership
This may be bestowed on any Muslim, who has rendered service to the Medical and health profession.

Overseas Membership
This comprises Muslim healthcare professionals living outside Nigeria who abide by the aims and objectives of the association.

IMAN Projects and Special Fora:

IMAN established various projects and special Fora in an attempt to achieve the above-stated Aims and Objectives, they include the followings:

1. IMAN Save the Vision – dedicated to free cataract surgeries
2. IMAN Save Dignity – dedicated to free Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) Surgeries
3. Addiction working group – dedicated to addiction prevention programs
4. IMAN Save Heart – dedicated to rendering assistance to patients with heart diseases
5. IMAN Save Smile – dedicated for free cleft lip and palate
6. IMAN Relief – dedicated for relief services to poor and people in need.
7. IMAN Medico-Islamic Forum – Serving as an interphase dialogue between Health professionals and Islamic scholars with aim of finding a lasting solution on certain issues.
8. IMAN Rapid Response Team (RRT) – To render emergency relief services to victims of disaster or epidemics.
9. IMAN Welfare and endowment fund – Special fund Raising to support IMAN members when in certain distress or families of the deceased member.

State Branches of IMAN

Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) spread widely in Nigeria following a massive membership drive since its establishment.

The following state has established IMAN branches with varying degrees of activities IMAN.

10. KANO
14. YOBE
15. OGUN
16. OSUN
17. EDO
23. KOGI
24. ONDO

History of Establishing IMAN in the Various States

The history of IMAN in Edo State
The National Administrative officer of IMAN in the person of Malam Umar Sanda is the one who took IMAN to Edo state in the year 2013. He visited some Muslim Health workers in Benin and introduced IMAN and its Aims and Objectives to three brothers among the pioneer members. These three members met at University of Benin Central Mosques, deliberated and established the IMAN Edo state. started with three (3) members around 2013 at University of Benin Central Mosque. These members are Momoh S.M, Sulaiman Abubakar and Ahmed Sulaiman.

Establishment of IMAN in Kebbi

History of IMAN reaches Kebbi state in the year 2009 through Dr. Ahmad Yakubu former CMD of UDUTH and Former IMAN Chairman Sokoto state during one of his visits to Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi.

This occurred during his discussion with Malam Auwal Yunusa Dada, a pioneer member of IMAN Kebbi state about helping less-privileged patients when Dr. Ahmad introduce IMAN and her activities and also brought a flier from UDUTH “IMAN AT A GLANCE” and encourage them to attend the annual general meeting of that year which was scheduled in Ilorin Kwara state.

Malam Auwal Yunusa Dada and Malam Musa Bayawa were the first to represent Kebbi state in the 2009 Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of IMAN that took place at Ilorin Kwara state between 23rd to 26th July 2009.

The first meeting to establish IMAN in Kebbi state took place in August 2009 at Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital Conference Hall. The meeting was attended by Muslim Health workers from Sir Yahaya and Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi.

During the meeting, the following members were selected to be the pioneer exco of IMAN Kebbi state as follows:

1. Malam Musa Bayawa – Chairman
2. Malam Auwal Yunusa Dada – Secretary
3. Malam Aliyu Garba – vice Chairman
4. Umar Amir Silwai – PRO
5. Hajiya Fatima Sakaba – Treasurer
6. Umar Labbo Bubuce – Auditor

The above officials worked tirelessly and succeeded in establishing IMAN branches in the following hospital:
1. Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital Birnin Kebbi
2. Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi
3. Hafsat Eye Centre Birnin Kebbi
4. General Hospital Argungu
5. General Hospital Jega
6. General Hospital Koko
7. General Hospital Yauri
8. General Hospital Zauro
9. General Hospital Zuru.

The first set of IMAN officials in Kebbi state lead the Association for a period of eight (8) years. May Allah accept their effort as Ibadah and reward them with Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen.

Establishment of IMAN in Zamfara State

IMAN was introduced to Zamfara state in the year 2001 when Dr. Yahaya Inuwa Gombe introduced IMAN to Federal Medical Centre Gusau from Maiduguri. The idea was accepted by the pioneer members at FMC Gusau and the following executives were selected to lead the first set of officials in FMC and by extension Zamfara state:

1. Dr. Yahaya Inuwa Gombe – Chairman
2. Malam Namadi Muhammad – Vice Chairman
3. Baba Mu’azu – Secretary
4. Alhaji Kabiru Isah Jangeru – Assistant Secretary
5. Malam Adamu Maleka – Treasurer

In the same year, Dr. Bello Muhammad Marafa traveled to Abuja and came across the notice of an ongoing IMAN National Conference which registers and attend. At the end of the conference, Dr. Bello Muhammad Marafa introduced the IMAN National and her activities to the state.

As a result of this, the then-state governor His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Sani Yariman Bakura encourage for the formation of the state chapter of IMAN.

The first set of executives of IMAN Zamfara state was also formed in the same 2001 and members are:

1. Dr. Muhammad Bello Buzu – Chairman
2. Dr. Yahaya Inuwa Gombe – Vice Chairman
3. Alhaji Umar S Fawa – Secretary
4. Alhaji Hamisu Dauran – Treasurer
5. Hajiya Naba Balarabe – Financial Secretary

The following year, that is in 2002 these Exo represent Zamfara state at the National Conference that took place in Minna Niger state and collect the hosting right of IMAN National Conference to Zamfara state which took place successfully in 2003.

Establishment of IMAN in FCT

IMAN FCT branch was initiated following the return of some delegates from the Annual General meeting and scientific conference of IMAN national that took place in Ilorin Kwara state in 1999.

Among the delegates who participated in that conference include Dr. Kawu and Malam Gambo Abdulkadir. Muslim Health workers meeting was held to deliberate on the formation of IMAN FCT Chapter, and succeeded in the formation of the first executive members as follows:

1. Dr. A.K Muhammad – Chairman
2. Dr. Abba Usman – Vice Chairman I
3. Pharm. Idris Abdulazeez – Vice Chairman II
4. Dr. Sadiq Abdurrahman – Secretary
5. Late Hajiya Fati Sissa – Treasurer

These exco worked tirelessly to establish IMAN in FCT were able to host the IMAN Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference in 2001 during which so many states participate and carry IMAN to their various states.

Establishment of IMAN in Niger State

The history of IMAN in Niger state all started in 2001 when delegates attended IMAN National Conference in Abuja, following which on the return theses delegates collectively agreed on the urgent need for the formation of IMAN Niger state chapter.

These delegates include Pharm. Dr. Muhammad Alhaji. Audi, Alhaji Ibrahim G. Agaie, Dr. Ibrahim Umar and Nurse Ibrahim Mairigi. These members then approached late Dr. Ibrahim Babaminin Sule to provide leadership and he accepted and became the interim chairman and subsequently the substantive chairman.

The full composition of the pioneer exo of IMAN Niger state are as follows:

1. Late Dr. Ibrahim Babaminin Sule – Chairman

2. Pharm. Baba Umar – Vice Chairman
3. Pharm Muhammad A. Audi – Secretary
4. Dr. Hassan Jimada – Assistant Secretary
5. Malam Alhassan D. Aliyu – P.R. O
6. Alhaji Ibrahim Agaie – Assistant PRO
7. Dr. Ibrahim Umar – Financial Secretary
8. Hajiya Hajara Isah Doko – Treasurer
9. Hajiya Hadiza Danbaba – Assistant Treasurer
10. Hajiya Railat Sani – Auditor
11. Late Malam Alfa Ahmadu – Head of Project
12. Hajiya Rahmatu S. Muhammad – Head of Da`wah
13. Dr. Hadiza Muhammad – Head of Scientific Committee

The above pioneer officials served meritoriously for fifteen (15) when the leadership was handed over to Pharm. Muhammad A. Audi as Chairman.
May Allah accept their effort as Ibadah and reward them with Jannatul Firdaus, Ameen.

Establishment of IMAN in Gombe State

Gombe state IMAN originated from the defunct Bauchi state as a zonal branch with Malam Bappah Inuwa of the then General Hospital Gombe as the zonal Ameer.

Following the creation of Gombe state in October 1996, the Zonal unit was transformed into a state council and Malam Muhammad Lawan of the state ministry of Health became the pioneer Chairman. The composition of the first executive members are:
1. Malam Muhammad Lawan – Chairman
2. Dr. Muhammad Isah Umar – Vice Chairman I
3. Dr. Lawan Babadidi – Vice Chairman II
4. Pharm. Ahmad A. El-Nafati – Secretary
5. Alhaji Ishiaku Garba – Financial Secretary
6. Hajiya Bilkisu M. Bose – Treasurer
7. Malam Sulaiman Adamu – PRO
8. Malam Muhammad Siddi – Assistant Secretary
9. Alhaji Dahiru Muhammad Kala – Editor

Establishment of IMAN in Kano State

The History of IMAN in Kano state started since 1989 when the National body was established when a small group of Doctors brought the idea. These included Dr. Sanda Muhammad who serves as Chairman, Dr. Wali Sleman as Secretary, others include Dr, Musa Muhammad Borodo, Dr. Bashir Umar, Dr. Haruna Jibril and Dr. Habeeb Sadauki. These group of Doctors are the once mostly running IMAN as Organization at the individual level.

Parallel to IMAN in Kano state, there is Similar Organization with the same aims and objectives called Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (ISMA) which also started around 1989 mostly in Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital, Kano. After its commencement, ISMA became much stronger in 1996 with a well-structured executive from the same hospital that includes:

1. Malam Sani Ado – Chairman
2. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Hamza – Secretary
3. Abubakar Mijinyawa – P R O
4. Dr. Nasiru Sani Gwarzo – Member
5. Malam Alpha Yusuf Daneji – Treasurer

The activities of the Islamic Medical Association in Kano had been coordinated by ISMA and a small group of IMAN members as shown above.

This relationship continued until when ISMA and IMAN Merged to Form the Kano state IMAN in 2001. The first group exco that led to IMAN Kano state are as follows:

1. Dr. Muhammad Musa Borodo – Chairman
2. Malam Muhammad Sani Ado – Vice Chairman I
3. Dr. Jameel Tukur – Vice Chairman II
4. Dr. Suleman Wali Sani – General Secretary
5. Ibrahim Shuaibu Rano – Assistant Secretary
6. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Hamza – Financial Secretary
7. Haj. Fatma Muhammad Nuruddeen – Treasurer
8. Malam Adamu Musa Sarki – PRO
9. Dr. Sagir Saleh – Assistant PRO
10. Malam Sulaiman A. M – Auditor
11. Hajiya Rahama Hamza Sani – Welfare Secretary

The above set of officials worked tirelessly to spread IMAN across the whole state and recorded tremendous achievements especially in the area of patient assistance and unity of Muslim health workers under one umbrella.

History of IMAN in Jigawa State

The effort to establish IMAN Jigawa state started the following sensitization by Late Dr. Ibrahim B. Sule former IMAN President during his meeting with Dr. Tafida Abubakar when he invited them to attend the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Lagos 2008. Dr. Tafida Abubakar mobilized the local team that includes himself, Bashir A. A Gambo and Hajiya Hadiza M. Sunusi who attended the NEC meeting in Lagos. On their return, they mobilized for the establishment of IMAN in the state. Interim exco was formed comprising of the above-listed members. They worked tirelessly to strengthen the structure of IMAN in the state, assisted a number of sick needy patient and organized some public lectures. Within a few months within the same 2008 complete set of exco were formed including the following:
1. Dr. Ibrahim Nashabaru – Chairman
2. Basheer Abdul-Hameed – Secretary
3. Dr. Umar Bulangu – Vice Chairman I
4. Dr. Shehu Sambo – Vice Chairman II
5. Saifullahi Aminu – Assistant Secretary I
6. Jamila Adamu – Assistant Secretary II

7. Ashiru Galadima – Publicity Secretary
8. Dr. Maryam Zakari – Assistant Publicity Secretary
9. Pharm Nasir H. Alhassan – Financial Secretary
10. Hajiya Hadiza M. Sunusi – Treasurer
11. Lawal S. Yakubu – Auditor

The above set of exco lead the Association for a period of eight (8) years and handed over to Dr. Magaji Mahmoud as Chairman with his team.

Establishment of IMAN in Katsina state

The journey of Katsina state branch of IMAN started in 2010 when some delegates from General hospital Katsina and Federal Medical Centre Katsina attended the 2010 Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of IMAN which took place in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Following the return from this conference, an effort was put in place and state branch caretaker committee was formed with the following set of executives;

1. Dr. Ado Abdu – Chairman
2. Muhammad Yandutse – Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Bashir Oyeyemi – Secretary
4. Shehu Bala – Assistant Secretary
5. Dr. Muttaqa Ibrahim – Financial Secretary
6. Aina Sada – Treasurer
7. Lawal Bawale – PRO

Following establishing a caretaker committee, the National IMAN was invited to conduct the National Executive Council meeting (NEC) in December 2010. It was during that meeting the caretaker committee was inaugurated.

The movement of IMAN Katsina state was faced with a lot of challenges due to financial constrain, relocation and lack of interest by some members until November 2016 when it was re-activated with the addition of some active members. Despite all odds, the first set of executive lead the organization for a period of ten (10) years and in July 2019 hosted the 20th IMAN Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference with success. Presently the mantle of leadership was handed over to the second set of executives under the leadership of Dr. Ibrahim Salisu.

The beginning of IMAN in Taraba state

The information about Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN} was first got to Taraba state through Alhaji Aminu Bashir who came across some IMAN members on his trip to Abuja; he was invited to attend their meeting and he joined the association immediately after the meeting.

Alhaji Aminu Bashir informed some of the well-respected Muslims members in the health sector about his findings back in Jalingo and after due consultations and series of meetings the association was established in Taraba State 1997. Constitution of IMAN Taraba state was formed in 1998 by Alh Rabiu Isma’ila Agwaru who got the guidelines from Prof. Mabajide from Lagos, the foundation President.

A meeting was held at the then General Hospital Jalingo and a caretaker committee was set under the supervision of the Shura Committee led by the Chairman Dr Umar, the Medical Director of IHSAN Clinic Jalingo.

Alhaji Aminu Bashir was appointed as the first Chairman of the caretaker committee and led the association from 1998 to 2001.

The beginning of IMAN in Adamawa state

The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) Adamawa state started at specialist hospital Yola in 1991, however, the activities of Islamic Medical Association have commenced since 1988 in the name of ISMA which was initially introduced by Malam Ahmad Usman following his return from studies in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria in the same year. Malam Ahmad who served as the Secretary of ISMA then at Specialist hospital Yola wrote a letter to the foundation Secretary of IMAN Dr. Ibrahim Abdu-Aguye about the need to have a constitution and clarification about ISMA and IMAN during which they were advised to change from ISMA to IMAN which they did.

The then ISMA was headed by late Nuruddeen Abba Zumo who continued as the first Ameer of IMAN in the same 1991. The composition of the first exco included:

1. Late Nuruddeen Abba Zumo – Chairman
2. Malam Ahmad Usman – Secretary
3. Malam Isah Abba – Chairman
4. Alhaji Muhammad Usman – Treasurer
5. Alhaji Tanko Mahmoud – Member
The leadership of IMAN then was able to achieve the following changes in the state:
1. Change of female nurses from skirt and nurses cap to trouser and Kimar
2. Commencement of Medical Caravan
3. Unity of all members
4. Removal of Cross Sign from Hospital Birth Certificate
5. Helping the needy patients
6. Removal of Bible that used to be kept at Patient

May Allah accept the effort as Ibadah and reward all in abundance, Ameen.

The History of IMAN in Borno State

IMAN Borno state originated from the initial movement of Muslim brothers in Medical practice since 1980s. This group of Medical personnel includes Prof. Abba Waziri Hassan, Late Dr. Yakubu Lawan, late Dr. Usman El-Nafati along with other non-Medical members. In 1994 late Sheikh Muhammad Abba Aji moved the motion for the formation of Islamic Hospital and Alhaji Tijjani Bolori donated his house for that purpose; hence the formation of Sunni Hospital. The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) started in its full capacity in 1994 under the chairmanship of Dr. Isah Rabebe. The composition of the executive members then are:
1. Dr. Isah Rabebe – Chairman
2. Malam Ba Mai Gana – Vice Chairman
3. Malam Ja’afar Aliyu – Secretary
4. Malam Hassan Wulo – Assistant Secretary
5. Malam Hussaini Muhammad Kadafur – Treasurer

These exco were able to activate monthly meetings and initiated unit branches in all hospitals and schools, Initiate Medical Outreach programs, Collaboration and participation in all National programs and acquire land with the intension of establishing IMAN Hospital. Dr. Rabebe and his team lead for a period of ten (10) years and finally handed over to Dr. Bukar Abba Ghana in 2014 who led the organization for a period of six (6) years with further achievements as well.

IMAN in Osun State

The information about Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) gets to Osun state through Professor Bashir Okesina who introduced the Association and sensitize the Muslim Health workers to establish one in the state. Prof. Okesina encouraged the members of Osun state IMAN to host the National Conference of IMAN, but that wasn’t possible at the initial time but they were able to host the National Executive Council Meeting of IMAN (NEC) in 2004. In the same year after the NEC meeting the IMAN Osun state was established and Inaugurated, and also went ahead and hosted the 2004 Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of IMAN. Some of the exco members include;
1. Dr. Salihu Oguntola – Chairman
2. Hajiya Mulikat Adenkule – Treasurer

History of IMAN in Sokoto

Islamic Medical Association started in Sokoto as ISMA as since 1983 at the temporary site of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching hospital at Specialist Hospital (UDUTH Sokoto. The officials who were coordinating the affairs of the organization include:
1. Malam Musa Mayalo – Chairman
2. Late Aliyu Abubakar – Secretary
3. Malam Abubakar Koko – PRO
4. Malam Usman Jega – Member
Other student members studying in Medical College then include Nasiru Sani Gwarzo and Ahmad Shu`aibu.

Over years and with the movement of UDUTH to its permanent site activities of the Islamic Medical Association gradually declined. The situation remains the same until in 2002 when flies and posters of invitation to 2002 AGM held in Minna Niger state were sent to the specialist hospital Sokoto. Six (6) delegates from Sokoto attended the Conference including Abdullahi Bello, Kabir Muhammad, Abubakar Shehu, Chika Gado, Nura Bala and Aminu Musa. The delegates returned back with the constitution of IMAN and started mobilizing for establishing IMAN Sokoto state. Series of meetings were held and the following were selected as the interim executive members of IMAN in the state:
• Abdullahi Bello – Chairman
• Kabir Muhammad – Secretary
• Chika Gado – Treasurer
• Nura Bala – Financial Secretary
• Aminu Musa – Auditor

The above officials lead IMAN Sokoto state from 2002 till 2007 when Dr. Ahmad Yakubu took over as Chairman and Kabir Muhammad as Secretary.

The History of IMAN in Yobe State

IMAN in Yobe state was inherited from Borno in 1992 under the leadership of Pharmacist Alh Lawan Gajerima as chairman, Saleh Ibrahim as secretary, Ya`u Maikudi as Financial Secretary and Farida Garba Mamudo as Treasurer. This team runs the Organization between 1992 to 2013.

Due to this prolonged inactivity by all the foundation members and failure to respond to the agitation of other members for progress, an effort was initiated by Dr Garba Musa Fika to form the Damaturu metropolitan branch in February 2013.

This effort succeeded in the formation of a caretaker committee of the Damaturu branch which comprised of the following:
1. Abdullahi Mai Muhammad Nur – Chairman
2. Dr Salim Muhammad Umar – Vice chairman I
3. Dr Musa Gambo Ausaja – Vice chairman II
4. Bulama Madu Biririma – Secretary
5. Adama Muhammad Maidala – Ameerah Sisters` Forum
6. Sa’adatu Sulaiman Baba – Secretary sis: Forum
7. Goni Ayuba Bayamari – Financial Secretary
8. M.Madu Dawa – Asst. Financial Secretary
9. Bintu Abdullahi – Treasurer
10. Mamman Ali – Member
11. Usman Ali – member
12. Budu Alkali – member
13. Bintu Bukar – member
14. Gambo Danladi – member

The caretaker committee worked tirelessly for period of one and half years to fully sensitized, mobilized and orient, Muslim health workers, from various health facility units within Damaturu metropolis. The committee laid a concrete foundation for IMAN both at state and Local government level; from almost non the membership roused to a 12, and by February 2019 the strength increased to 115 and financial contribution was initiated. They brought into unity thirteen various health units into permanent Damaturu metropolitan IMAN branch, and also conduct the IMAN first state tours to various Local Government Areas from April to May 2014, and most members of the state became oriented and briefed about IMAN as an association.

Subsequently, in September 2014 Shurah committee was formed, deliberated and submitted the following names as substantive executive members of IMAN in Damaturu metropolis:
1. Abdullahi Mai Muhammad Nur – Chairman
2. Dr Salim Muhammad Umar – Vice chairman I
3. Dr Musa Gambo Ausaja – Vice chairman II
4. Bulama Madu Biririma – Secretary
5. Adama Muhammad Maidala – Ameerah Sisters` Forum
6. Sa’adatu Sulaiman Baba – Secretary sis: Forum
7. Goni Ayuba Bayamari – Financial Secretary
8. M.Madu Dawa – Asst. Financial Secretary
9. Bintu Abdullahi – Treasurer
10. Adamu Balmba – PRO 1
11. Lawan suleh – PRO 2
12. Alh Maikyari Alh Jaji – Auditor

From 2014 the EXCOS now continue the sensitization, orientation & mobilization of all Muslim health worker of the state to join hand in this field of endeavour.
This was done by conducting IMAN LGAs Tours for many rounds until the state IMAN came into life on 2nd June 2016. The tours continuous more vigorously after the inauguration of the state chapter, until IMAN was placed in position in most of the LGAs as unit branches. The composition of the first state exco are as follows:
1. Abdullahi Mai Muhammad Nur – Khadimul Ummah
2. Dr. Musa Gambo Ausaja – Deputy KU I
3. Malam Awa Machina – Deputy KU II
4. Maina Yusuf Karama – General Secretary
5. Bulama Madu Birima – Secretary I
6. Abdulkarim Muhammad – Secretary II
7. Usman Karumi Tarajum – PRO
8. Ahmed Ligali – Financial Secretary
9. Yagana Shettima Nguru – Assistant Financial Secretary
10. Yagana Shettima Kyari – Treasurer
11. Abdu Umaru Bara – Auditor I
12. Sale Bulama – Auditor II
13. Adama Muhd Maidala – Ameerah Sister`s Forum
14. Haj. Falmata M. Nyako – Deputy AmeerahSister`s Forum
15. Sa`adatu Sukaiman Baba – Secretary Sister`s Forum A
16. Hauwa Ibrahim Abdullahi – Secretary Sister’s Forum B
17. M. Bashir Muhammad Inuwa – Legal Adviser
18. Mamman Muhammmad (NAN) – Editor
This first set of state exco lead the Association from 2016 to 2019.

The History of IMAN in Kwara State

Islamic Medical Association started in Kwara as ISMA before 1988, however following the 1st meeting of IMAN that was held in Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 1st August, 1988, the name Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) was adopted to serve as umbrella body of Muslim Health workers in Kwara state. The Association was introduced to Kwara state ministry of Health on 30th April, 1990.

The state then attended the 9th Proterm meeting of the National executive council of IMAN that was held on 10th February, 1990 at University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, and subsequently hosted the 10th Proterm National executive on 12th May, 1990 at Queen’s school Ilorin.

The foundation executives of Kwara state IMAN are:

1. Alhaji Ishaq Ajibola – Chairman
2. Malam Hassan Sani Secretary – Secretary
3. Pharm (Mrs) Fatima Mustapha – Member
4. Iman Abubakar Ayinla – Publicity Secretary
7.37. History of IMAN in Plateau state
Establishment of IMAN in Plateau state was triggered by the first ethnic crises in Jos in 2001. During that time there was a lot of casualties from the Muslim community and no health workers to attend to them. Dr. Khamis Usman IMAM who return from Maiduguri having exposed to IMAN activities there initiated the move with his team and trained some clinical aids who started assisting the Muslim casualties from that crises.

These team continued as the pioneer officials of IMAN in the state, and they include the following:

1. Dr. Khamis Usman IMAM – Chairman
2. Alhaji Sabo Muhammad – Youth Coordinator
3. Malam Shu`aibu A. Adam – Member
4. Malam Muhammad Balarabe – Member
5. Malam Sani Wakawa – Member
6. Malam Haroun – Member

The above team worked tirelessly to spread IMAN majorly in Jos metropolitan. About two years later the team moved to Bauchi and help them to established IMAN Bauchi state. Activities of IMAN gradually declined over years until in 2008 when the Association was re-activated and new set of executive members were selected.

Establishment of IMAN in Nassarawa State

The effort to establish IMAN in Nassarawa state started Early 2010 with initial effort of National Admin officer of IMAN Malam Umar Sanda who reached out to Malam Umar Ishaq and Eng. Mustapha Dahiru all staff at General Hospital Lafiya to introduce IMAN and her activities. These two pioneer members invited Malam Umar Sanda to Lafiya for further discussion, and their meeting was held at Eng. Mustapha`s house in the same year. Eng. Mustapha Dahiru lead the team and together with Malam Umar Ishaq kept inviting people to IMAN secretly due to hostility of the hospital environment that was dominated by Christians. These members were contributing money to conduct their programs and assist patients as well. Due to lack of praying ground in the hospital, Eng. Mustapha established a Musallah made by stones for Muslim to be praying, however this mosque was dismantled by the then Medical Director who is a Christian. Eng. Mustapha faced a lot of threat from the hospital management with multiple queries to the extent that he had to relocate to the ministry of Health that time. When the Medical Director was moved out of the hospital Eng. Mustapha returned to continue his struggle together with few people who accepted the mission of IMAN. The first set of executive members of IMAN Nassarawa state was set up by Eng. Mustapha Dahiru in 2011; members include the followings:
1. Malam Dayyabu – Chairman
2. Malam Muntaqa – Secretary

These officials took up the mantle of leadership between 2011 to 2016 and strategized and pushed for deduction members’ contribution from source, however it wasn`t completed until the second set of executive came in under the chairmanship of Dr. Usman Iskilu Saleh when they got approval and also started remitting capitation to the National body.

History of IMAN in Bauchi State

The Islamic movement in the Health sector in Bauchi state started in late 1979 with few people under the leadership of one Pakistani Doctor, Dr. Abbas in specialist hospital Bauchi. In the early 1980s few indigenous leaders emerged like late Dr. Dhamina Muhammad, late Dr. Habu Gidado. Later IMAN Leadership was handed over to Dr. Danlami Yusuf and his team from 1989 till 2015.

History of IMAN in Lagos State

IMAN Lagos state started in 1989 following the return of the founding fathers of IMAN from Saudi Arabia at Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi Araba. The pioneer Chairman of IMAN Lagos State is the Foundation President of IMAN in the person of Professor Abdulfatah Biola Mabadeje. Other members of the exco include Prof. Akesode, Late Dr Mogaji and Dr. Mosanya.

Establishment of IMAN in Ondo State

IMAN came to existence in Ondo State in 2016 after a series of meetings and efforts by many Muslim Health workers across the state. These culminate in the establishment and official inauguration of the first executive council of IMAN in Ondo state in October 2016 at Akure Central Mosque. The founding executive Council Members were:
1. Dr. R. O. Saliu – Chairman
2. Mallam Alli Rasheed – Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Isiaka Alako – General Secretary
4. Mr. Adeyeye Semiu – Assistant Secretary
5. Mr. Mutiu Oyelami – P R O
6. Dr. Waheed Folayan – Welfare Officer I
7. Mrs. Fatima Ibitoye – Sister`s Coordinator I
8. Mrs. Aisha Adedeji – Sisters Coordinator II
9. Mrs. Temitola Muhammaed – Welfare Officer II
10. Alhaji Oketade – Welfare Officer III
11. Mallam Tajudeen Adebayo – Financial Secretary
12. Mrs. Ajepe-Mashood Rshidat – Treasurer
13. Dr. Hassan Kilani – Editor
Above set of exco lead IMAN for a period of three years.

History of IMAN in Kaduna State

Kaduna state IMAN initially starts as ISMA (Islamic Medical Association} in Zaria which later transformed to IMAN Zaria. The actual effort at establishing IMAN in the whole Kaduna state started around 2006 when Dr. Jameel Tukur called Dr. Hassan Ibrahim and informed him about IMAN Conference in Gombe state and encouraged him to attend which he attended in 2006. Upon his return to Kaduna, Dr. Hassan mobilized for establishing IMAN Kaduna state by forming a small group of members including Prof. Sani Garko, Dr. Fatima and Alhaji Lirwan. This initial move sent a delegation to Sokoto for IMAN Conference which took place in 2007. The initial composition of IMAN Exco in Kaduna state include the followings:
• Dr. Hassan Ibrahim – Chairman
• Dr. Abdulkadir Isah – Secretary
• Dr. Hajara Umar – Financial Secretary
• Dr. Fatima Imam – Member
• Atiku Auwal – Member
• Muhammad Shuaibu – Member
• Armiyau Bello – Member
• Dr. Abdulhamid Abubakar – Member
IMAN Kaduna hosted the Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of IMAN in 2008.

International Relations

The international body that binds all Islamic Medical Associations worldwide is called the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA). This body organizes international council meetings as well as Scientific Conferences annually from one country to another. Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) was established in 1981 in North America. Even though IMAN was not established then, Nigeria was among Foundation members of FIMA represented then by Dr. Mustapha Gulam Khan who attended the Inaugural meeting. Subsequently, Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN) joined FIMA officially during the 26th International Council meeting in Beirut, Lebanon in the year 2010. Since then IMAN has been an active member of FIMA and participated in all the annual activities regularly; currently, IMAN is a member of the FIMA executive council.

West African Mission of Islamic Medical Association

Since 2011 members of the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (MAN) during their stay in Ghana for training commenced initial sensitization towards the establishment of the Islamic Medical Association of Ghana. The first delegation of IMAN visited some health workers in March 2015 in Abidjan, Cote de I`voire to sensitize them about establishing the Islamic Medical Association in their country. Another delegation visited the Niger Republic in May 2015 to introduce IMAN and to sensitize them to form a similar organization as well. Subsequently, a delegation from IMAN re-visited Niger Republic after two years and proceeded to Burkina Faso for the same mission. Later National President of IMAN (Dr. Salisu Isma`il) in one of his trips visited Benin Republic to introduced IMAN and sensitize them to establish similar Organization in the country. Countries visited in chronological order are listed as follows:
1. Ghana
2. Cote d I`voire
3. Niger Republic
4. Burkina Faso
5. Benin Republic
Sensitization, linkages and network towards the same mission has been established with other countries as follows:
1. The Gambia
2. Burundi
3. Senegal
4. Cameroon
5. Sierra Leone

To provide the needed funds for IMAN activities, Members contribute from their salaries monthly and donations also come through a partnership with government, non-governmental organizations and Philanthropists who appreciate the objectives of the Association.



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