(a) To bring into closer union, all Nigerian Medical/Health professionals and workers.

(b) To promote a better understanding and appreciation of Islam and of health care within the framework of Islam.

(c) To constantly remind health care professionals and educate them on Islamic values, ideas, thoughts, habits and ethics and to apply these in the healthcare sector.

(d) To promote professionals and non-professionals contact at all levels through activities such as meeting, Seminars, Lectures, Conventions and other gatherings.

(e) To promote the interests and rights of all Nigerian Muslim Medical/Health professionals and other allied workers working in Nigeria.

(f) To introduce Islamic values within health care education especially in the terms of patient care.

(g) To promote research and publication in the field of Islamic medical ethics, history, prophetic medicine, from the Islamic respective

(h) To be a mercy unto mankind in the true example of our Prophet (SAW) by providing assistance in the form of clinics, relief works and rehabilitation whenever and wherever needed.

(i) To maintain a central information bureau and encourage employment opportunities, exchange programmes, scholarships, graduate and undergraduate training opportunities as a service to members.

(j) To create funds through zakat, sadaqat e.t.c To render subsidized health services to the poor and the needy.

(k) To undertake such other services that would lead to the enhancement of the image of Islam and the Muslim health care professionals in Nigeria and abroad.

(l) To liaise with other organizations on matters of mutual interest and coordinate individual activities of Muslim health care professionals.