1. Lectures, symposia and workshops with the aim of improving religious and health knowledge/awareness among health professionals and the general public.
  2. Regular assistance to indigent patients within and outside the hospitals.
  3. General and specialized free medical and surgical outreaches/camps.
  4. Emergency medical and other general relief services to the people in need. Annual Scientific Conference/Annual General Meeting.
  5. Free Medical Services to intending pilgrims at various Hajj Camps including sending volunteers to participate in Hajj operation.
  6. Mosque Ta’limaat (teachings) to educate members within the institutions.
  7. Career guidance/counselling to secondary schools and other health-related institutions within our immediate environment.
  8. Organizing discussion fora with Islamic scholars to address sensitive health issues with the aim of providing an Islamic standpoint. eg COVID 19
  9. Regular Health programs on the TV, Radio and social media to create health awareness. Partnering with other organizations in rural Da’awah programs and provision of clinics during these activities.