IMAN National Score Card 2023

With Allah’s Grace, your moral and financial support, the following have been achieved in the last 2 years.

  1. Developed a 10-year strategic plan document with a clearly stated vision, mission, objectives, and work plan for the association.
  2. Provided a functional website with a mobile App for members’ real-time registration.
  3. Secured a Landed property at Maitama Abuja, Nigeria for our proposed Multispecialist Hospital.
  4. Activated four (4) new IMAN State branches: Oyo, Ogun, Osun, and Plateau.
  5. Facilitated 3687 cataract surgeries
  6. Facilitated 145 fistula repairs.
  7. Established IMAN Youth Award program to encourage scholarship among our young members.
  8. Facilitated Several Country wide Free Medical Outreach programs
  9. Produced and distributed 250 copies of Ibadah Friendly Hospital books and kits for the training of members.
  10. Facilitated free weekly clinic (Fridays) at National Mosque Abuja Nigeria.
  11. Successfully organized several capacity-building workshops for members:
  • Addiction Prevention Workshop – 1000 members
  • Psychotrauma Workshop – 40 members
  • Student Leadership Workshop – 600 student members
  • Business Cooperative Workshop – 100 members
  • Lifesavers Program – 1587 members
  • And several webinars for EXCO members, registered members and the general public.
  1. Two EXCO members were elected into the FIMA Board to lead the “Save the Dignity” Committee and “FIMA West Africa Region” group respectively during the last FIMA conference in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  2. Virtual tour of State branches for effective engagement.

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